At Compass Dive and Sail we respect our customers, their choices and time. When it comes to pricing, we believe in providing the entire cost of your purchase up front. In other words, you select a course with us and what you see is what you get. There is no need to select multiple items to obtain the training you desire. Our online store is designed for your convenience and ease of check-out. You select and buy knowing that we will not hit you with a last-minute additional cost.

  • All of our introductory diving or continuing education courses include professional instruction, class materials, pool and quarry entrance fee and gear required for the course. You are only responsible for your personal gear consisting of mask, fins, snorkel, boots and wetsuit. For specialty courses requiring certain gear, Compass Dive and Sail has included these elements in our price. You will receive those materials or devices upon course registration.
  • All of our safety training, whether provider-level or professional, include instruction, class materials and equipment for the course.
  • All of our sailing courses include professional instruction, class materials, sailboat fees, equipment for the course and provisioning for classes that require overnight passages. When taking a multi-day daytime-only course, you are welcome to stay at a local hotel or we can arrange for you to stay on one of our many sailboats for an additional fee. Typically less than or on par with a hotel. Staying with us provides you with the entire sailboat living experience.

We value your time and want to earn your trust through transparency in our pricing.

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