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Change is Inevitable

With all things in life, change is inevitable. So goes the same rule of thumb for business. We have been fortunate enough to weather the COVID storm these past two seasons and we are grateful. But the clock is ticking and soon Meg will be retired. That certainty will bring change and new adventures for us. The least of which is to move onto Serenity and continue operating our business from the Caribbean, the Florida Keys, and the Chesapeake Bay (during hurricane season).

Our plans have always been to transition from both land and sea-based operations in favor of just the sea. Now that we have a solid date for Meg’s retirement, we knew we had to begin the changeover and prepare for the next phase of our business life. Not to mention our personal one. Our love of sailing and diving have provided us a nice jumping off point as the arc of our lives shift. We planned for an active retirement, so we have parlayed our love of the ocean into our next step. The ability to bring people along with us and simultaneously show them the joys of the oceans and the creatures that inhabit them is just icing on the proverbial cake. After all, retirement is supposed to be fun, right?!

Beginning with the upcoming winter/spring charter season (Dec ‘21-May ’22) we will no longer be accepting new land-based dive/safety training customers. For those customers who have started but have not yet finished, we will complete your training over the course of the next year. We are committed to serving you as we have all our customers for the past five years. All future scuba diving and safety training will take place aboard Serenity during Caribbean and Florida Keys charters.

Because we believe strongly that scuba diving is such a wonderful sport and that excellent training, attention to detail and value is paramount, we have partnered with VA SCUBA in Manassas, over the past five years. We have referred our customers to them for their gear purchases and no one has ever been disappointed. They embody what the industry strives to attain. It is for this reason that we are recommending that when you plan to train locally, you work with VA SCUBA. You will not be disappointed in your choice. When you plan your getaways for holidays, spring break or summer vacations, we hope that you will consider Compass Dive and Sail and charters aboard our beautiful sailboat, Serenity.

We wanted to close this post with a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who selected us for their training, charters, and trips, over the past five years. It has been our privilege to have you as customers and take you on the journey’s you have embarked. We now call you friends!

Until next time, Fair Winds, Following Seas and Ultimate Visibility!


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