When you first began scuba diving, you learned some basic skills and dive planning.  You may have gone diving on vacation over the years.  But if you haven’t taken any advanced scuba training, you don’t know what you’re missing!

New scuba divers are encouraged to continue diving within their training and experience.  So how do you expand your experience?  Take continuing education scuba classes with Compass Dive and Sail. We offer PADI advanced training as well as the suite of specialty courses. By taking an advanced scuba class or specialty training you can learn how to dive shipwrecks, dive deeper, breathe different gas mixtures, navigate underwater, use diver propulsion vehicles and more while simultaneously exposing you to more advanced dive equipment. But even more important, these courses will increase your dive count and provide you with experiences that make you an even more capable diver and dive buddy.


There are scuba classes for almost every interest:

  • Want to hold onto memories of your adventures? Take Photo & Video courses

  • Want to see that deep wreck safely? Take Deep Diver & Wreck Diver courses

  • Want to prolong your dives and see things up close and personal without touching? Take a Perfect Buoyancy course 

  • Want to always find your way back to the boat or point of entry? Take a Navigation course

  • Want to extend your No Decompression Limits? Take an Enriched Air (Nitrox) course

Grab your gear and expand your dive experience and gain some cool new skills.  Check out these specialties and more by taking a look at our Advanced Scuba Training page!

Meg Carlson – SSI and PADI Assistant Instructor, DAN Instructor Trainer